Class Information & Directions

Certification Specialties of Central Carolina, Inc.
216 Hawkins Ave
Sanford, NC 27330
(919) 718-9051

[email protected]
Class Information:
Each American Heart Association class costs $60/class. To keep your place in class, students must hit the "add to cart" button on the first page of this website and pay a placement/card for $20. Then bring to the class $40 cash or check only. The $60 fee includes manuals (if mandated) and all materials for the class. Although Adult or Pediatric First Aid and CPR/AED classes are $60. each, if a student takes a combination class of any First Aid/CPR/AED the total is $60. (you MUST take both classes at the same time for this pricing). Please; no $100 or $50 bills – No change is available. Call 919-718-9025 if you have questions.

Please email the instructor at[email protected] for any questions or to schedule a class.

October’s class schedule

10-3-2021 12 PM- 4 PM
10-13-2021 9 AM- 1 PM
10-23-2021 9 AM- 1 PM
10-28-2021 9 AM-1 PM

BLS Renewal
10-4-2021 9 AM- 12 PM
10-11-2021 9 AM- 12PM
10-24-2021 12 PM- 3 PM
10-30-2021 9 AM-12 PM

Adult First Aid/CPR/AED
10-7-2021 9 AM-2 PM
10-14-2021 9 AM-2 PM
10-16-2021 9 AM-2-PM
10-19-2021 9 AM-2 PM
10-26-2021 9 AM-2 PM

Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED
10-9-2021 9 AM-2 PM
10-14-2021 9 AM-2 PM
10-21-2021 9 AM-2 PM

Please call 919-718-9051 to schedule ITS SIDS, First Aid only or CPR/AED only classes.

Please note that only four students can be scheduled at a time.Call 919-718-9051 to schedule a Blood Borne Pathogen class.
All classes are OSHA Approved.

Blood Borne Pathogens - $22.50


Only up to four students in any class. Please call 919-718-9051 to schedule a class.

Must pay $30 card fee OR pay-in-full ($100) using PayPal/Credit/Debit buttons. If paying just $30 card fee, must pay remaining amount in cash or check at the beginning of class that day.

Call number above to schedule an AHA Blood Borne Pathogen class or if you need a class scheduled on a special date or time.

Please wear comfortable clothes as you will have to bend over to do the CPR. No opened toe shoes. You may bring food or drink to class, as long as you pick up after yourself. Please email me at [email protected] if you have disabilities or conditions which will make it hard for you to bend over to thump on the manikins. I will make special options available for you. Please come in ten minutes earlier to register for class so we can start class at 9 AM. I do not want the other students waiting because you are late. You will leave class with a temporary card and your real card will be emailed to you in about a week.

If you are an agency or company, I can bill you so you don't need to pay the "placement/card fee" up front. Please contact the instructor at 919-718-9051 for billing procedures.